Research in the Miller Lab

field burning

Restoration Ecology in a Working Landscape

This experimental research program relies on a multi-disciplinary approach to examine the effects of land use and management practices on grassland biodiversity.  The ultimate goal of this work is effecting change that enhances conditions for native species in the region on both public and private lands. [Read More]

ariel view of a landscape

Conserving Biodiversity in Metropolitan Landscapes

A suite of research projects focused on understanding the effects of urban and suburban development on native species, and devising strategies for conserving these species and the habitats on which they depend amidst such development. [Read More]

driftless forest

Predicting Habitat Use by Forest Birds in the Upper Midwest

This project evaluates the effectiveness of a variety of modeling approaches aimed at predicting the occurrence of forest songbirds in the Driftless Area of northeastern Iowa and southeastern Minnesota. [Read More]


Response of Native Species to Prairie Restoration

An investigation of the effects of restoration efforts on birds, butterflies, and native plants conducted on Iowa’s largest prairie remnant and adjoining lands. [Read More]